A Third Way To Eat a Pummelo

Previously on Keep It Up, David: Inspired by a tweet sent out by fellow weight-loss blogger Julia, I bought a pummelo, and hacked it apart and consumed it in a manner I learned from a YouTube video (which I can also thank Julia for tweeting, so thank you!).  After blogging about it (read the post and see the pictures here), another blogger, Reinaldo, suggested another way of eating pummelos, so, when I bought my second pummelo, I ate it that way (and blogged about it, with pictures and everything, here).

Guess what?  I bought my third pummelo, and used a third method to eat it!  To refresh your memory, here’s what a pummelo looks like:

It’s the biggest citrus fruit in the world.  Bigger than navel oranges, bigger than grapefruit.

My friend Nicolette suggested, in a comment on the blog, that I try eating a pummelo like she eats a grapefruit.  Since pummelos are very similar to grapefruit (in that they’re big and sour, although not quite as sour), I thought I’d give it a whirl.  Turns out the way she eats grapefruit is the same way I ate grapefruit growing up.  My mom used to prepare grapefruit for me and my siblings this way when I was little (which she learned from her mom), but I haven’t eaten a grapefruit this way in years and years (I’ve bought grapefruit in the past year, and gotten free grapefruit from my friend Tavi’s tree, but I’ve just been juicing them).

Here’s what you do:

1) Cut the pummelo in half, around its equator, so to speak:

2) Using a paring knife, cut around the perimeter of the flesh, separating the edible part from the rind:

3) Then cut on either side of each membrane that radiate from the center to the outside:

(By the way, taking these photos with my left hand while cutting with my right was no easy feat!)

4) Once you’ve cut along both sides of each membrane, you’ll easily be able to lift individual segments of pummelo out with a spoon:

Mmm, pummelo!  Growing up, my mom would sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar on the grapefruit before doing all the cutting, just to sweeten it up a bit.  She also had grapefruit spoons – spoons with serrated tips that were especially designed for digging out grapefruit sections.  Here’s what a grapefruit spoon looks like (although my mom’s don’t have hideous handles like this one does):

After I ate all the segments, I squeezed all the juice into a glass:

Here’s my juice bounty:

I took about half of it, and added it to a tall glass of sparkling water that I made with my SodaStream, and voila! Pummelo-flavored sparkling water!

The other 1/2 of the pummelo juice I chugged, like it was a shot.  Delicious!

I like this method of pummelo consumption, mainly because it’s easy, relatively tidy (you don’t end up with puddles of juice on your plate or counter), and, for me, there’s a nice nostaglia factor.

Anyone else out there got any fantastic pummelos ideas?  I’m definitely planning on buying a fourth pummelo… help me figure out how I’m gonna eat it!

Keep it up, David!

5 Responses to A Third Way To Eat a Pummelo

  1. Donna says:

    Hi David, I bought my first pummelo this past Saturday. Since you got me intrigued about it I had to try it but it did take me a few times in a few different stores to find one. I cut it up the way Reinaldo had suggested to you since I figured that would be easier than trying to peel the thing. It didn’t occur to me to try to eat it like a grapefruit so I will have to try it that way the next time. I was excited when I found one so I could try it and it was good although I at first I didn’t think about not eating the membrane in each segment LOL but once I cut the flesh away from that it tasted much better. So I have now tasted a new fruit and I look forward to try eating it like a grapefruit the next time and I am sure it will be less messy. Oh, and I also bought magic bullet, well I bought the generic brand since it was cheaper at only $20 (less than half the cost of a bullet) but I figured it had to work at least about as good as the real thing. So anyway I have been enjoying using that as well.

  2. Debbie says:

    “Here’s my juice bounty”

    I misread that and thought you said “Here’s my juicy booty.”

  3. mary schmitt says:

    i can not wait to try one! emily and i love grapefruits too and we both have the same spoons as your mom ( btw-say hi to her from me too remembering all the swims meets too ) so this way of eating a pummelo is the way i would have and will do thanks david—and keep it up !!!!

  4. Paula says:

    hahaha u are funny… my “pomelos” (spanish version) are very different from yours, so they were easy to eat. I think i’ve never tried those HUGE pomelos… im gonna see that on Publix today 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    You’ve answered my question about eating a pomelo the same way as a grapefruit, thanks… I’ve done the classic way… way too messy.

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