A Week and a Half Of Workouts

It’s been well over a week – since Valentine’s Day, actually – since I last ran down what I’ve been doing for exercise.  Too long!  So here we go, working backwards from today.

Friday, 2/25: Wanted to go to the pool, but it was cold and raining, and it’s an outdoor pool.  Decided to wait for clearer skies, and hit the gym instead, where I did about 15-20 minutes of weight-lifting, then 51 minutes on the elliptical while watching a SNL special that was being rerun on Vh1.  I sure do love Tina Fey!

Thursday, 2/24: Richard Simmons’ class at Slimmons, which is about 45 minutes of cardio aerobics, 10 minutes of free weights, and 10 minutes of sit-ups and push-ups.

Wednesday, 2/23: Fun at the gym:  50 minutes on the arc trainer, and 15 minutes or so with some free weights.

Tuesday, 2/22: I grumpily made it a rest day.  I was sneezing and blowing my nose all day, and decided to take a day off so my body could focus on fighting the cold I had caught somewhere.  It worked – the next day, felt way better!  Bummed, though, because I wanted to go to Craig Ramsay‘s boot camp class, which I’ve been enjoying.  Instead, I watched Glee while lying in bed, which I also enjoyed.

Monday, 2/21 (Presidents’ Day): Unintentional rest day.  This was the day that I learned to shoot a pistol at the firing range.  I made it home around 3pm or so.  I was planning on working out that evening, after taking a little power nap.  I went down for the nap at 7pm, and got up from it at… 9am the next day! I can’t remember the last time I got 14 hours of sleep.  All that sleep felt really good, to be honest.  I think my body was catching up from my long, wonderful, but exhausting weekend (which is thoroughly documented here, here, here, and here).  I think my cold, which had made its presence known earlier in the day (thru sniffling and general stuffiness), also played a part.

Sunday, 2/20: No dedicated workout, but I spent 10 hours walking around Knott’s Berry Farm, and apart from lunch, and actually being on rides, I wasn’t sitting down at all.  So I’m counting that as exercise.

Saturday, 2/19: Richard’s class at Slimmons (see 2/24, above).

Friday, 2/18: Rest Day.

Thursday, 2/17: Fun in the pool.  I swam 2600 yards.  You can see how I broke it down at the end of this post.

Wednesday, 2/16: I went running, after giving myself an attitude adjustment, which you can read about here.  (I ran for 33 minutes, then did 27 minutes on a bike at the gym.)

Tuesday, 2/15: Went to Craig’s boot camp class, which lasted an hour.  I was sore for the next 36 hours.  He called this particular class his ‘slow burn’ class, so it was a lot of weights, and a lot of slow, deliberate movements, and at the end I could barely lift my arms.

Looking back at these 11 days, I wish that 3 of them weren’t rest days, but I didn’t plan them that way.  And what am I gonna do about it now?  Nothin’.  So it’s not worth dwelling on.

Tomorrow I have an appointment, so I won’t be able to go to Richard’s class.  Haven’t decided what I’ll do instead, but I’ll figure it out.

Keep it up, David!


2 Responses to A Week and a Half Of Workouts

  1. Tracy says:

    I think 3 days rest out of 11 is perfectly acceptable. Sometimes you just have to go with whatever your body wants to do.

  2. Bookbody says:

    I’m hardly one to talk, as I’ve been a complete slacker for the last week or so, but taking three days off out of eleven is hardly something to be upset about. Sometimes your body just needs to rest. 🙂

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