Valentine’s Chocolate Update

Earlier this month, I held my first-ever contest and giveaway, where I invited readers to guess what was in the Valentine’s Day care package that my mom was sending me.  Over 30 of you entered, and I determined that Cheri, in British Columbia, Canada, came closest, by accurately guessing that my mom would send me homemade cookies, and they’d be heart-shaped.  The care package also included some heart-shaped chocolates, which I re-packaged with the cookies, and shipped to Cheri as her prize.  She was really excited to win – she’s never won anything before – and so you gotta love that!  I’ve exchanged a few emails with Cheri since she won the contest, and she told me a little about one of her weight-loss strategies, and allowed me to share it all with you…  You’re definitely going to be intrigued, like I was… so keep reading… but first, the candy/cookies update:

Cheri received the package, and since she runs a day care, she divvied up the chocolates along the kids she looks after.  The cookies didn’t survive the trip (I blame me for packing them poorly).  She says the chocolates didn’t last more than 5 minutes, but she managed to snap a few pictures before they were completely devoured:

Fantastic pictures, Cheri – thank you!

When she was sending me her address, Cheri dropped this little phrase into her email which I read, then immediately re-read  three more times:

“I was hypnotized 2 weeks ago, so no longer eat chocolate…”
OK.  You know how dogs, when they hear the word ‘play’ or ‘treat’ or whatever word get them excited, perk their ears up, and cock their head, and just stare?  That was me after reading that sentence.  I’ve heard of people using hypnosis to quit smoking (and actually know someone who’s done it), but I haven’t met anyone who has used hypnosis to help with weight loss.  I had to know more, so I asked Cheri to elaborate.  Cheri has gained and lost weight before, and is currently trying to lose it again.  She wrote:
“I know the struggle of weight loss.  I weighed 180lbs, and went down to 125lbs.  Then, after my second daughter, I went up to who knows what, then started weight loss again at 185lbs, and then have lost 25lbs so far.”
First of all, congrats, Cheri!  25 pounds is fantastic – Keep It Up!  And for my other Canadian readers, as well as my readers in every other country in the world, 25 pounds is 11.34 kilograms – not too shabby!
Here’s why Cheri turned to hypnosis.  In her own words:
“As for hypnotized, it was my first time. I figured I would give it a try, and anything is worth trying at least once, and if it worked, then great.  I went in with the positive attitude that it would work. I had her focus on not eating chocolate & drinking pop, which of course, at that time, I did daily (and craved like crazy).  The session lasted just over an hour.  I left that day no longer craving chocolate, and no longer drinking pop.  I just don’t want it.  If I even think of eating it, its almost like there is a mental block that allows me to rethink [that] I actually don’t want it, and I am able to leave it alone.  It’s been two weeks and I have yet to touch the stuff!
I am going to make another appointment, and ask her to make me more aware of stopping eating when I am content… and to not eat when I am not hungry.  The hypnotist said (and I have googled this) that 95% of the people who have been hypnotized for weight loss are successful.
My Dad’s wife just went yesterday, so I’m waiting to see how things went for her.  She said that she felt good after it and that the hypnotist said that she went deep. So I would be surprised if she did not have similar results to me.”
I’m so fascinated that you’ve undergone hypnosis, Cheri, and thrilled that it’s working for you!  Will you keep us posted after that second appointment?
Have you tried anything unique or different in your attempts to lose weight?  How did they work out for you?  If you’re interested in sharing with the Keep It Up, David audience your weight loss stories, drop me a line and tell me about it at – I’d love to hear from you!
OK – I gotta take off… There a very exciting event tonight that I’m participating in… be sure to check back here, because I’ll definitely be writing about it!
Keep it up, David!

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