Friday Food Notes

I took my gift card and headed to Whole Foods today.  I had a relatively short shopping list – 5 items – but, of course, once I got in the store, I remembered a whole bunch of other things I wanted to buy, and ended up spending 75 bucks and filling three of my reusable bags.  Well, thanks to the gift card, I didn’t spend a penny, but still – things add up, quickly, at Whole Foods!

I’m starting to notice where the deals are at Whole Foods.  And a lot of them involve Whole Foods’ store brand, 365 Everyday Value.  Wanna play a little guessing game?

Guess how much for a 6-oz Nonfat Yogurt?

Answer: 69 cents!

How much for a 10-oz jar of Raspberry Fruit Spread?

Answer: $1.99!

Final Question:  How much for a 1-quart box of low-sodium chicken broth?

Answer: $1.99!

You have to admit you’d think those were good prices in other grocery stores, wouldn’t you?  I’m a pretty savvy shopper, and I sure think so.

I came across another good deal in the meat department.  I was looking to pick up some chicken, and found that if you bought in bulk, you can get a good price.  This package of chicken thighs weighs in at over 3.5 pounds, and cost only $6.93 – that’s $1.99 a pound!

And I love that it’s separated into three bags – one went into my fridge (I have plans to use it this weekend), and two went into my freezer for future use.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the label boasts that the chicken has been “air-chilled” – and that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that phrase before.  Have you?  I had to look up what it meant, and basically, it means that after the birds are killed, they’re sprayed with chlorinated water and housed in cold-air chambers to prevent bacteria from forming, as opposed to being dunked in vats of iced, chlorinated water, which supposedly leeches out some of the chicken’s flavor.  Huh – good to know, I guess!

I went to Whole Foods after my workout at the pool (more on that later), and I was craving some post-exercise protein, and I ended up coming home with a product I’ve never tried before – salmon jerky!

I love me some jerky (and have blogged about a great farmers’ market jerky purveyor).  It’s a great healthy snack: high in protein, and low in calories and fat – the only check in the cons list is that it’s high in sodium, so don’t eat tons.  I’ve had beef and turkey jerky tons of times before, and even elk jerky (which I bought at the airport in Stockholm), but never fish jerky, so this was an exciting day for me!  And, it was no surprise to me that I loved it.  This particular brand’s (WildCatch) pieces were a little thick, but the flavor was great, and it was very satisfying – it hit the spot!  It won’t be a regular item in my cupboard, as it’s pricey ($7.99 for 4 ounces), but I also saw at Whole Foods bags of Ahi Tuna jerky, so I may have to pick that up at some point.

Lastly, I’ve been staring at the delicata squash that’s been on my counter for the past few weeks (ever since I picked it up on a prior trip to Whole Foods), and earlier today I decided it was time to create a destiny for it.  Here it is, next to the pummelo I bought on that same trip:

I’m happy to announce that the squash’s time is soon up – I have a plan.  The squash will become part of my dinner on Saturday night, as well as part of dinner for my aunt, uncle, and cousins, who are all coming over.  Don’t you worry – I’ll document the squashes last hours, and share the recipe, afterwards.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

OH!  I wanna share my pool workout before I wrap this up.  It was a great day at the pool – after an hour, I was exhausted, and felt very productive.  Here’s what I did:

  • 800 yards warm-up (200 IM, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 IM)
  • Ladder, all freestyle:  1oo, 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, 100 (the final 200 and 100 were all-out sprints) – total: 1600 yards
  • 200 yards cool-down
  • GRAND TOTAL:  2600 yards!


Keep it up, David!

One Response to Friday Food Notes

  1. darenroberts says:

    Hey David, It’s Daren from Itsumo Ahi Jerky… the one in the SoCal WF. Came across your recent CRAVING for some Ahi Tuna Jerky and we want to hook ya up! Pls email me you shipping info and consider a care package in route. Also happy to provide a coupon code for your followers to sample and save some $$$. Keep up the good work your looking FIT!

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