Blog Additions, Chart Update, & Chart-Making 101

I thought I’d start today with some fun announcements regarding my blog.  Are you sitting down?

1) Contact. You’ll see I’ve added, along the top on the page, a “CONTACT” link.  Here’s where to find how to link up with me on Facebook and Twitter (which you should definitely do – they’re great ways to get updates when I publish new posts), as well as how to reach me by email.

2) New Produce. I always get a great reaction when I write about trying new types of produce, so I’ve added some more links to My Favorite Posts, also at the top of the page.  If you go there and scroll down, you’ll see a collection of all the posts that feature my explorations in the produce department and at the farmer’s market.

And this is the most exciting announcement of the three:

3) New Web Address! No, I haven’t moved my website.  You can still find me, like you did just now, at <>.  BUT, I’ve also registered the much simpler <>, and if you type that in, you’ll end up at my site, too!  Now, when you’re talking to friends about your favorite websites, you can tell them to go to <>. How much easier is that for you to remember?  Much easier!  It’ll be just as easy for your friends to remember too!  It’s win-win!

Okay – that’s all the announcements I have for now.  Moving on…

I weighed myself this morning.  I weigh the same, 241 pounds, as I have for the past 2 weeks.  Like I said after my last weigh-in, I’m not going to focus on that number not changing.  I’ve been eating well, and working out a lot, and I just have to accept that it’s gonna be tougher to lose weight now that I’ve already lost 161 pounds, and that the weight is gonna be coming off slower.  That’s just the way it is.  I can’t let it phase me, or get me down… I gotta Keep It Up, David.

Here’s my newly updated chart:

And here’s my chart in its entirety:

I’ve had a few questions about my weight loss chart in the past couple weeks, most recently from a Facebook fan named Nicole, who wrote:

How do I make my own weight loss chart?  I love yours and I think it will help me.

Well, Nicole, sharpen your pencil, because it’s time for Chart-Making 101!  A weight loss chart couldn’t be easier, and it’s been a huge motivator on a daily basis, encouraging me to continue working hard.  My chart is hanging in my walk-in closet, where I see it every day while I’m getting dressed… it’s hard to miss, actually, as it takes up almost an entire wall!  Here’s how to make your own:

Get some graph paper.  Graph paper has a grid already printed on it, and you can find it in office supply stores.  Typical graph paper has 4 squares per inch, but I’ve been doodling on graph paper since I was a kid, and I prefer graph paper with 8 or 10 squares per inch.  Graph paper like that is a little tougher to find, but you can find it online – here’s 8 squares per inch, for example.

UPDATE:  Jill on Facebook recommends this website, where you can download PDFs and print out your graph paper.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what kind of graph paper you use.  You could even make your own graph paper in a pinch with a pencil and a ruler and a steady hand.

Once you have your graph paper, you’ll set up your chart.  The Y Axis (up and down the page) will be your weight.  For this demonstration, I used 300 pounds as a starting point, which is at the top of the chart, and every horizontal line on the graph paper represents one pound, like so:

The X Axis (from left to right) represents the passing of time.  For this example, I have January 1st being the day the diet begins:

You’ll see that I picked a vertical line on the graph paper to represent January 1, followed the line up, and where that line hit 300, I made a circle.  There’s the starting weight.

Just as every horizontal line on the graph paper represents 1 pound, every vertical line will represent 1 day.  So, let’s say that after 1 week, our hypothetical person has lost 1 pound.   First of all – Woo-hoo! That’s fantastic!   So now let’s update the chart.  Start at Jan. 1, you’ll count over 7 vertical lines to the right, to represent the week that’s passed.  You’ll follow that new line up, and where it intersects with 299, the new weight, you’ll made a circle.  Then you can connect the two circles with a line.  Your chart has begun!  It should look like this:

Let’s say that a week after that, our person has lost two more pounds.  You’ll count over 7 more lines along the bottom, follow the new line up, and put a circle where it intersects with 297 pounds:

And you can keep going like this indefinitely!  If you scroll back up to the picture of my chart, you’ll see that when one page ends, I just tape up a new page and continue the chart – I’m on my 6th page!

Another helpful element you can add to your chart is your goal weight.  This will help you visualize, on your chart, how far off you are from your next goal.  I like to represent goals with a dashed line.  For this example, let’s say the first goal is to lose 25 pounds.  You can add a dashed line at 275 and extend it across the entire page:

And there you go!  There are the basics behind my weight loss chart.  Nicole, or anyone else, I’d love to see pictures if you start a weight loss chart of your own!

Keep it up, David!

2 Responses to Blog Additions, Chart Update, & Chart-Making 101

  1. Meg says:

    Wow, you’re such a math-wiz! Think I’ll work on a graph for myself. I want to lose 50 lbs. by my 50th Bday in October!

  2. Great post! I forgot to tell you that I did an overlay on my chart with wax was, um, interesting..;)
    I’ll just continue moving under the assumption that I’ve lost closer to 110 than 130ish. It definitely matters, but what matters more is that I’m seeing the numbers inch down..

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