We Have a WINNER! Is It You?

On the way home from Richard Simmons’ class today, I swung by the post office, and picked up a little something that was waiting there for me:

To the 34 of you that entered my first-ever Contest and Giveaway:  Yep!  It’s the Valentine’s Day care package from my mom! If you didn’t read my blog the other day, here’s the short version: my mom emailed me saying a care package was en route, and that its contents weren’t intended to sabotage my diet.  Based on that clue, I presumed the package would contain some unhealthy foods, and decided to make a contest out of it:  whichever reader comes the closest to guessing the contents wins the entire package, which I will ship to them.

The 34 people that entered are surely on the edge of their seat, dying to know what’s inside the package.  So no more delays… here’s what’s in the box!


But that’s not all!

PAPER TOWEL (used as additional padding).

But wait!  There’s more!

A HEART GARLAND DECORATION, that was used as a twist-tie.

What was the twist-tie keeping shut, you ask?  I’ll tell you…

…in tomorrow’s post!

Kidding!  How annoyed are you with me right now?  Sorry for channeling Ryan Seacrest and dragging this little results show along for so long… but it’s so much fun! I totally get why they do it that way.

OK, here we go.  There were two main items in the care package.   Here’s the first:

The twist-tie was keeping shut a baggie full of chocolate hearts!  There are two brands of chocolates:   7 Dove (which were all dark chocolates), and 7 Palmer chocolates.  I had to look up Palmer, because I’ve never heard of them before; it turns out all the manufacture is seasonal holiday chocolates.  There’s a variety of Palmer chocolates: Caramel, Double Crisp (which I imagine is like Krackel?), Peanut Butter, and Cookies & Creme.

Here’s the other item in the package:

HOME-MADE COOKIES! Two types: sugar and oatmeal, both heart-shaped, both drizzled with a little pink frosting.  There’s already a couple broken ones… hopefully too many more won’t broken by the time I send them across the country again!

Which gets me to the big question… WHO WON? I scoured the submissions, and, basically, none of you hit it out of the park.  But, by my count, 7 of you correctly guessed one of the two items, to varying degrees of specificity.  Some of you entered “home-made cookies” but specified them to be chocolate chip, so, um, those people got partial credit.  Melissa Walker entered “chocolate-covered hearts in the purple foil,” which had me go back and look at the chocolates again: Yep, the Palmer caramels are in a purple (and pink) foil.  But I wasn’t clear on what was chocolate-covered in Melissa’s submission, and plus, since the rest of Melissa’s entry was very specific in regards to brand names, it made me think that she had a very specific brand/product in mind, but didn’t include it.  So, sorry Melissa, but only partial credit.

Which leads me to the winner, who was the only one that predicted that the home-made cookies were gonna be heart-shaped.  (She also made me smile with one of the most unique suggestions in the contest, heart-shaped underwear, but that didn’t factor into my decision).  May I have the envelope, please?  The winner is… CHERI!

Congratulations!  Cheri, I’m just about to email you, asking for your mailing address, so look out for that.

And thanks to everyone who entered… better luck next time!  I got more entries than I was anticipating, which makes me think that I’ll have to do another contest and giveaway soon…  hmmm… better start thinking about that!

One final note:  My mom sent the package on her way out of town.  She’s currently taking a trip, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have internet access (or very occasional access at best), and I don’t think she knows about any of this! She returns home Monday afternoon, and I suspect she’ll catch up on the blog before she goes to bed that night…  I wonder what she’ll think of all this!

Keep it up, David!

9 Responses to We Have a WINNER! Is It You?

  1. Melissa Walker says:

    That’s awesome Cheri, congrats..and what an awesome mom you have David 🙂 hey I knew there were going to be foil covered hearts 🙂 hehe I have no clue on the name brand but here in Canada I get a little bag of “purple foil” hearts and they are milk chocolate..MY fav!!!! :)have a great day David

  2. Cheri says:

    whoo hooo!!! Thanks David!
    I will email you right now:)
    (and if your mom is anything like my mom was, then she will just be happy that someone is going to be able to enjoy it:)

  3. Maria says:

    Congrats to Cheri… and she’s right, if your mom understands your position on weight loss, she’ll be very happy to know you didn’t just throw them out! Happy Valentine’s day and keep it up David!

  4. Randee says:

    Congratulations Cheri! Thanks for the fun David.

  5. Lynn says:

    I did not enter the contest because I am struggling with my own weight loss, but that was such a smart thing to do. Maybe next year your Mom could get you some supplies for the Soda Stream instead? The thing is, she loved you enough to send you a care package, she just has to learn to adjust to the “new” David.

  6. nicolette atkins says:

    Hey David — here’s a thought. You can give away some item of clothing that no longer fits your incredible shrinking self to someone else who is incredibly shrinking and then maybe that person can pass it on to the next person when it no longer fits and so on…..Maybe the contest can be for a specific item and then the person who submits the correct size is the winner…..

  7. Mom says:

    It was a very fun contest David. I’m not so sure I can congratulate Cheri though, as the cookies may not be great. You know, the thought that counts and all that. But, you got a great response to your first ever give-away!!!

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