My First Trip to Whole Foods

Well, not my first ever trip to Whole Foods.  I’ve been there before.  But today was my first visit since being given a very generous gift card on national TV.

It was a quick visit today.  I have plans to scour every inch of Whole Foods, and try tons of new things (and blog about them), but today I was out running errands, and I just needed to quickly pick up a few things, mainly produce and protein.  And I didn’t make a list before leaving the house (I always like shopping with a list, it curtails impulse purchases), so another more major visit is right around the corner, I just didn’t get it together to make it happen today.

Here’s the closest Whole Foods to my house – it’s in Sherman Oaks, CA:

It’s pretty small for a Whole Foods – more like the size of a CVS than a grocery store.  But they have pretty much all the departments: meat and seafood counters, prepared foods counter, flowers, bakery, etc., with most of the groceries and supplements packed into about 4 aisles in the center.

I only hit 3 departments:  dairy (where I picked up eggs and cottage cheese), frozen food (for veggie burgers), and produce, where I picked up all this:

Clockwise from top, that’s 1 bag salad mix, loose carrots, 3 banansas, a cucumber, 2 roma tomatoes, 1 shallot, 1 red and 1 green bell pepper, and a head of celery.

It’s all organic, and the prices reflect that:  $1.29 a pound for the carrots (I bought $1.14 worth), $0.99 a pound for the bananas (I bought $1.43 worth), and $1.99 for the cucumber.  At $1.99, the bag of salad looks like a good deal, but it’s only 4 ounces, so I’m not sure if it is or not.  Altogether, I spent $13.14 on this produce.  Add in the other groceries mentioned above, and my total was $31.74.  Thank you, gift card, for taking care of that!

Dinner tonight will be a veggie burger, and probably a salad, since I have lots of good stuff for a salad now.

Keep it up, David!

7 Responses to My First Trip to Whole Foods

  1. Sheilah Lowe says:

    Well done!! Curious as to what you plan to do with the shallot. I am a chef and use them all the time, but just wondering what you will do with it.

  2. Sara says:

    David, when your gift card to Whole Foods runs out years from now, Costco carries a large container of beautiful salad greens (organic) for $3.99 and the same for a large package of organic spinach. Have fun using that card! Your worked really hard to earn it.

  3. Tracy says:

    We drive up to the Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, MI every couple of weeks, then hit Trader Joes. That WF’s is huge!

  4. spabettie says:

    that’s going to make a fabulous salad! I agree with Sara about Costco – I go through several big boxes of spinach a week (pancakes!) and it’s a great deal there. It’s awesome you have that gift card, and even more awesome that you are using it in a conscious way! 😀

    It’s funny, sometimes I only need to visit the produce and bulk section (bulk for quinoa, oats) and I’m done!

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