ELLEN Clothing Poll Results!

About 24 hours ago, I posted photos of four possible outfits I could wear when I go on THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW this week.  It airs Tuesday.  You should watch it!  I’m going to be a guest, alongside Richard Simmons, talkin’ about my weight loss journey and success.  Don’t know when the show airs in your part of the country?  Go to www.ellentv.com and find out!

Anyway – I posted photos of the potential outfits, and asked all of you to vote on which outfit you liked most.  I got tons more votes than I was anticipating!  Between the two polls (one for shirts and one for pants), I got 158 votes!  And, many of you elaborated in the comments section and on Twitter, and I thank all of you for taking the time to help me out.

Pardon me for employing some Seacrest-style stalling here, but before I get to the poll results, I want to invite you to take a minute to look around – I added some new features to the blog!  There’s now more buttons along the top:  The “Watch Me on Ellen” button, which will soon feature a video of my appearance on THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, the “Photo Gallery” button, which features a bunch of Before and Current photo comparisons, and the “My Favorite Posts” button, which takes you to a list of (surprise!) my favorite posts – and is a great way for new readers to get acquainted quickly with me and what the blog is all about!  A big thank you to Mike Chiaburu and Kristy Hanson for helping me put together these new additions.  You can follow both of them on Twitter – Mike is @mikerelay, and Kristy is @kristyhanson.  And while you’re on Twitter, are you following me yet?  I’m @keepitupdavid (duh).

Okay, back to the poll results.   For both shirt and pants, there was a clear-cut most popular choice – they weren’t close races in any way, shape or form.

Ready to see what you think I should wear on THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW?  Here it is!

Here’s how the voting broke down:


  • Shirt #1 (Blue/Brown Plaid)     10%
  • Shirt #2 (Red Plaid):     24%
  • Shirt #3 (Light Blue):     19%
  • Shirt #4 (Brown):     47%


  • Pants #1 (Dark Jeans):     63%
  • Pants #2 (Distressed Jeans):      21%
  • Pants #3 (Khaki Jeans):     16%

See?  Not even close.

I have to say that the results for the shirt surprised me a little.  The brown shirt was the one was I was least excited about – I think it’s a little boring, although I do look great in it.   Based on the comments section and the conversations I had in person with friends and family, it seems that, generally speaking, you found the blue/brown plaid too busy, and thought the light blue wasn’t quite slimming enough and would get washed out on TV.  A few observant Ellen fans pointed out that the furniture on the set is red, so the red plaid shirt would blend right in, which is true (and, yes, I knew that, but I threw the red plaid shirt into the mix because I liked the way it looked on me).

Meanwhile, I’m with you 100% on the pants choice – I like the dark jeans the most as well.  The distressed jeans cost me $80, so I’m more than happy to go return them.  I’ve been dropping a pant size every 2 months or so, and $80 is too much to spend on jeans I’ll only be wearing for 2 months.

These results have given me a lot to think about!  Does this mean that I’ll be wearing the brown shirt when I tape the show?  You’ll recall at the end of yesterday’s post I added a little disclaimer [“I promise to take these poll results into consideration when I make my choice (which, in all honesty, may not be made until I’m backstage at Ellen)”] and I plan on sticking to it, which means you’ll have to tune in on Tuesday to find out!

Okay – I need to go get some shuteye, because a camera crew from Ellen is arriving at my place bright and early in the morning to film some footage for my segment.  My Ellen experience starts tomorrow!

Thanks again, and…

…Keep it up, David!


4 Responses to ELLEN Clothing Poll Results!

  1. thebettylife says:

    Yey, best choice! Have a great day and enjoy the experience. Betty x

  2. Lauren says:

    I like the dark jeans, and I think it’s smart to stay away from anything with a plaid or print on it as it could add more weight on camera. I like the brown shirt, but I think the plain light blue shirt is my favorite. With the red chairs and everything in the background on stage, I don’t think it would wash you out. Plus it’s flattering to your skin tone and your eyes. Can’t wait to see what you end up wearing! Go get em!

  3. Public Fat says:

    Nice outfit! Someone shops at Macy’s 🙂 I recognize those tags anywhere (confessed shopaholic)

    Solid colors are always great for TV

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