Survey Results Are In!

Thanks to everyone that commented and voiced their opinion on yesterday’s post, where I solicited for help on a ridiculously important matter that will affect all of mankind for years to come: choosing which sportcoat I should purchase to wear at an upcoming wedding.  With 20 comments, it became my most highly-commented-upon post ever, beating out the previous record, set last weekend by my post about flying (which you should read if you haven’t yet!).  I also got a lot of folks commenting for the first time – so, if you’re one of them and are new to Keep It Up, David, then welcome!  I hope you hope back for more.

I’ll get straight to the results.  I presented two options:

They look pretty similar with they’re side-by-side like this, but Option #1, on the left, had a subtle gray pinstripe and was $20 cheaper, and Option #2, on the right, had a less-subtle blue pinstripe (you can see pinstripe details in yesterday’s post).

Between the comments section and some votes that came in via Twitter, here’s how you all voted:

  • Option 1:     12 votes
  • Option 2:     11 votes

Neck and neck!

I mentioned yesterday that I was already leaning towards one of the jackets, but didn’t say which, as I didn’t want to sway votes, but now I can reveal that I agree with 52% of the respondents, and like Option 1 more.  My reasons are pretty much ones that y’all spelled out in your comments:  The fit is a little better (like Kerianne and Tracy said), it’ll be more versatile (like Annie and Kristy said), and I like that it’s a more classic look (like Laura said).  Yes, it’s the more expensive of the two, but it was still 40% off, and between the coat and the pants, I’m still only spending $120, which is pretty freakin’ cheap.

This weekend, Option 2 is getting returned.

Thanks again for your help, lovely readers!  Keep it up, Readers!  And…

Keep it up, David!

PS – Just wanted to share a quick health-related update – Just got back from the dentist, where I had some x-rays taken and had a teeth cleaning, and I’m in great shape, oral hygiene-wise.  The direct quote from my dentist, Dr. Lala, was “everything looks pretty good!”  Two additional notes.  1) I love my dentist’s name.  I just want to sing it out when I walk in his office or call to make an appointment.  I don’t, though.  2) If you want to make your hygienist laugh, take a look at the green container of tooth polish that she’s opening as she preps to clean your teeth and say, “Oh, I’m guessing that’s jalapeno-flavored?”  Got a much bigger laugh that I was anticipating.  Oh!  And my hygienist’s name was Tuesday!  That office is full of fantastic names.


5 Responses to Survey Results Are In!

  1. Tracy says:

    SCORE! I WIN!!

    Sexist me assumed Dr.Lala was a woman. That is a fantastic name.

  2. I Am a Man says:

    I go to Dr. Lala too!

  3. Sarah says:

    Is it too late to vote for number 1?

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