What’s in the RediSetGo? Part Seven

Here’s a fantastic way to start a new week – a new installment of What’s in the RediSetGo? for you to enjoy!  Move over, Wheel of Fortune, because this truly is America’s Game.  Join the millions upon millions of people glued to their computer monitors and play along!

For those of you playing for the first time, there’s no need to worry about rules.  It’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, as you’ll see.  If you’d like to gain a little practice first, though, then how about looking at What’s in the RediSetGo? Part Six by clicking here!

Okay everyone.  Please turn your cell phones off and take a second to locate the closest emergency exit, because it’s time to play!

What’s in the RediSetGo?


I bought pita bread a few days ago for the first time since I-don’t-know-when, and thought it’d be fun and different to make a roasted veggie pita pocket.  The veggies and a quick spritz of Pam went in the RediSetGo, and cooked away for, I don’t know, 8-10 minutes.  They went into one half of a pita, along with a squirt of light salad dressing:

The end result (my dinner, along with some grapes):

Naturally, after one bite, the bottom split open.  Good thing I ate it over a bowl, because about a third of the veggies fell out during the course of consuming it.

I was inspired to make the veggie pita after spending about 20 minutes bonding with my current in-house veggie selection.  I bought a ton of veggies at Super King Market the other day, but since then a majority of them have sat in my fridge unwashed and uncut.  That needed to change, and what better activity for a Sunday night than to prep a ton of veggies for the week ahead?

Here’s the unwashed masses:

After 20 minutes of scrubbing, slicing, and dicing, I ended up with:

This will make assembling a salad for lunch tomorrow a snap!

Keep it up, David!


3 Responses to What’s in the RediSetGo? Part Seven

  1. annie says:

    none of your plastic containers look like Tupperware!

  2. What the heck is Ready Set Go and where can I get one? I love gadgets.

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