So Tired.

October 23, 2010

This marks my 13th day in a row that I’ve worked.  I’m tired and depressed.  I haven’t exercised since last Sunday – although if I recorded all the pacing I do at the office, I’m sure it’d add up to something impressive.

I’m trying to keep my head above water, but some things in my life are definitely suffering.  Exercise (see previous paragraph) is one thing.  My food log is another.  I looked back over it today, and there are major missing pieces – entire meals, entire days.  I maintain my food log in emails that I send to myself,  but I just deleted the email draft with this week’s patchwork of missing information.  I’m giving up the food log for another week, until this strenuous (and ridiculous) work situation is over.

The good thing is that I’m eating well.  Making good choices, bringing food with me to work, not giving in to the ease of a drive-thru after a 12-hour work day.  Earlier this week, despite the lack of exercise, I was down another pound.  That’s a good thing.

I’m due for another weigh-in tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping that I’ll just maintain my current weight.  We shall see, and good news or bad, my blog readers will get the update.

I’m changing my sign-off for tonight.

Keep Up What You Can, David!

Two New Thing Thursday

October 21, 2010

Last weekend at the farmers’ market, I bought a persimmons – the first persimmons that I ever bought.  Last night in this blog, I said I would eat it this morning for breakfast.  This morning… I ate it.  This afternoon, I tried a second brand-new (to me) food item – more on that later.  First, I’ll walk you through the persimmons.  Here’s the persimmons before meeting my knife:

Here’s what the inside of a persimmons looks like:

And here’s what it looks like after I sliced up one of the halves:

After cutting up the other half, I threw all the slices in a bowl and munched on it in the car on the way to work, while simultaneously texting and putting on my make-up.  Kidding – although I did eat in the car.

I enjoyed the persimmons.  It occurred to me that I had no idea if it was as ripe as it could be – the farmers’ market vendor said I should let it sit a day or two, and I let it sit for 4 – but it tasted good.  It had the crunch of an apple, but a mellow flavor, kind of a mixture of cantaloupe and apricot, maybe?  I’d definitely get another one – apparently we’re just entering persimmons season.

Later in the day, I was feeling really peckish between lunch and dinner, so I decided to purchase something out of the vending machine at the office.  These Genisoy Sweet Crisps were probably the healthiest thing in there, and I had never had them before, or even heard of the company, for that matter:

And once I opened the package:

They’re basically like little flavored rice cakes – except made primarily out of soy instead of rice – and they were “cinnamon streusel” flavored.  They reminded me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, in rice cake form.  Pretty tasty!  And only 90 calories and 3.5 grams of fat for the whole bag, so definitely a good snack.

In gym news, this is day 4 of no exercise.  Now I’m definitely just getting lazy. I was able to leave the office at a respectable hour (7:20pm), but decided to head home, write a blog, watch 30 Rock, and be in bed by 10pm.  I’m really tired.  This has been a long week.  Ok, I’m done whining.

I’ll end this post with a picture that will excite some of you…  it’s a salad!

Mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, maui onion, sprouted red lentils and mung beans, capers, roasted piquillo peppers, and the juice of a lime.  Oh, and I sprinkled in some dried herbs to give it a little flavor boost – rosemary, dill, thyme, and fennel seeds – and then when I ate it I remembered I don’t really fennel.  Oh well.  I ate it anyway – it’s still a salad.

Keep it up, David!

Where’s David’s Lunch Box?

October 20, 2010

For the first time this week, I left the office before 9pm!  Here’s the clock in my car as I pulled out of the parking lot as proof:

That’s right.  8:52pm!  Which means I got home right around 9pm.  As I was leaving the office, I made the executive decision to forgo the gym for the third day in a row.  My reasoning was this:  if I go to the gym and have a good workout, I won’t get home until around 10-ish, and then I’ll just have enough time to make my lunch and dinner for tomorrow, quickly bust out a blog post, and then head to bed.  Which has basically been my schedule the past two days.  And tonight, I just wanted to relax a little bit, and watch Modern Family (which was hilarious).  Would any of you have gone to the gym?  (I’m asking this legitimately, not as a rhetorical question.)

While I was at the office, I came up with an exciting new blog game!  It’s inspired by everyone’s favorite doctor’s office waiting room magazine from their childhood, Highlights for Kids!  My favorite page in every issue of Highlights was the Hidden Pictures page.  There was a big full-page drawing, and you had to find objects hidden in it.  You can play online by clicking here.  I loved this page so much that one year, for my birthday or Christmas, I asked for the compilation Hidden Pictures books that they advertised in the magazine, and I got them.  I was a happy camper.

Anyway – I have a hunch that this game may take off like wildfire, much in the same way that What’s in the RediSetGo did – and that may be problematic, because unless I get really creative, we might only be playing this once.  We shall see.

Are you ready?  Time to play…  Where’s David’s Lunch Box?

This is my lunch box.  Take a good long look:

There are two disgusting fridges at my office.  You know exactly the type of office fridge I’m talking about – the kind where people bring in entire bottles of condiments and forgot about them and they stay there for years.  The kind where people wedge in their lunch leftovers and never throw them out, even though they start to smell and rot.  In an office like mine, where people cycle in and out because a lot of people are freelance, I’m sure it’s even worse.

Every morning I have to find a spot for my lunch box, and I usually end up squeezing it in one of them and feeling like I just won the hardest game of Tetris ever.  So here’s the game:  Below are pictures of my office fridges.  Where’s David’s Lunch Box?

Did you find it?  Answer below.  Game over.

When I arrived home tonight, I realized I had yet to try the persimmons I bought at the farmers’ market.  It will be part of my breakfast tomorrow, along with a packet of instant oatmeal, and maybe an egg, if I have enough time in the morning to cook one up.

Keep it up, David!

Answer:  It’s in the second photo, on the second shelf from the bottom, on the right hand side.

Long Tuesday’s Journey Into Night

October 19, 2010

I spent all day today in my windowless cubicle at the office.  When I started driving home, it was wet outside, and the streets were full of puddles.  And then, during my less-than-10 minute drive, the skies opened up and there was a thunderstorm.  There was lighting in the distance.  Rain pelted my windows.  I had to kick my wipers up to high.  Then, less than three minutes later, it was over.  I spent almost 13 hours at the office today, but I loved that this particular little show was saved until I was driving home.

It’s the second day in a row I’ve stayed really late at the office,  and so it’s also the second day in a row that I skipped the gym.  This is what the parking lot at my office looks like when I leave at 9:48pm.  Can you guess which car is mine?

And here’s my gym bag, which has sat untouched since yesterday morning – and I suspect may stay untouched for a few days more:

Any guesses on what I brought for lunch today?   A salad.  (Are you patting yourself on the back if you guessed correctly?)   Since my salads seems to have their own following on this blog, I took a photo:

It looks even better in a photo lit by flourescent lights, doesn’t it?  The salad today had arugula, baby chard, other assorted baby lettuces, onion, sunflower greens, sprouted red lentils, sprouted mung beans, capers, and a couple teaspoons of Lite Asiago Parmesan dressing (lovingly bottled by Kraft).

Because of the thunderstorm, the day ended on a good note, and the day also started on a good note as well, because I stepped on the scale, and liked the number that I saw:


That puts me at 258, which means 144 total pounds lost.  I’m 6 pounds away from losing 150, and 8 pounds away from my next goal, which is to lose 152 pounds.

I immediately updated my chart:

Keep it up, David!

P.S. – For more on my weight loss chart, click here.

What’s in the RediSetGo? Part Four

October 18, 2010

Are you buckled in?  Hair tied back, and all loose articles out of your pockets?  Because it’s time for the game that has everyone talking, What’s in the RediSetGo?

If you haven’t played before, you have been missing out on hours of priceless entertainment.  You can catch up on the installments that you missed right here:

The game couldn’t be simpler.  There’s something in my RediSetGo.  But what?  That’s how you play.  So… are your thinking caps on?  Because here we go!

What’s in the RediSetGo?

A PUPUSA is in the RediSetGo!

That’s right – What’s in the RediSetGo went international!  A pupusa is a very popular street food in El Salvador.  It’s about the size and thickness of a pancake, but made from a corn-based dough (similar in texture to the corn dough used in tamales), and filled with either cheese, pork, beans, or a combo of all three.  This one was cheese and beans.

I had never even heard of pupusas before coming to Los Angeles.  Actually, I didn’t know about them until about a year ago when I started noticing pupuserias in my new neighborhood – you know, scattered among the strip clubs.   I had to look up what they were, and then, some time ago, I got around to trying one from a taco truck parked down the street.   Mmm – tasty!  And served with curtido, which Wikipedia defines as “lightly fermented cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar” – which was good, but not something I would need to eat that often.

Months passed after I tried that pupusa, until last night, when I was shopping at Superior Grocers, and I noticed pupusas in the freezer section.  I bought a box (for $5.89):

I’m certain these pupusas won’t be as good as taco truck pupusas, but one benefit of these is that I can read the nutrition label.  And because 1 pupusa is 200 calories and 8 grams of fat, I’ve decided they’re fine as an occasional element of my diet.   And they’re easy – about 5 minutes in the RediSetGo, and voila!  A pupusa!  I actually cooked this one last night and took it to work today, along with a banana, 6 oz of nonfat yogurt, 4 fresh figs, and a giant Tupperware of raw veggies (cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper).  I intended on eating half of the spread for lunch, and the other half for dinner, but today I kinda grazed every couple hours all day long on something or other.

I also intended on hitting the gym after work, but I ended up staying at the office until nearly 9pm, and I decided to just go home instead.  My 7-8 minute commute home turned into a 35-minute ordeal because I ended up about 1/4 mile behind what turned out to be a 4 or 5 car pile-up on the freeway.  It shut down 4 of the freeway’s 5 lanes, and there were no exits between me and the accident.  Good times.

This is going to be a particularly crazy week at work, and I suspect there might be a couple other late nights which will deter me from working out.  So I’m gonna have to make sure to stay on track, diet-wise.  I’m only 9 pounds away from my next goal!   And I’ll be weighing myself tomorrow – looking forward to what the scale says!

Keep it up, David!

One Day, Two Markets

October 17, 2010

Today was a long day, but a good one.  I got up early, as planned, and went to Sherri’s 9am aerobics class at Slimmons – and my friend Jen came along with me.  It was her first time to Sherri’s class, and about my 20th, and we both had a good time and had a good workout – 90 minutes, split up between dance aerobics, free weights, stuff at the bar (like squats and leg lifts), sit-ups and ab work, and stretching.  Phew.

Even though it was still drizzly, we headed over to the Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market afterwards.  I left my camera in the car because of the rain, but I ended up cleaning up pretty well:

Clockwise from top:

  • Baby lettuce mixture – $4.20
  • Sprouts (sunflower, mung bean, and red lentil) – $7.00
  • 1 enormous cucumber – $1.00
  • 1 head cauliflower – $1.00
  • 1 basket fresh figs – $4.00
  • 1 persimmons – $1.00
  • 3 bell peppers – $2.00
  • 1 basket cherry tomatoes – $2.00
  • 1 eggplant – $0.50
  • 1 oz Jamaican Jerk beef jerky – $2.00 (not pictured, because I ate it in the car on the way home)
  • Grand Total: $24.70 (more than I’m used to spending at the farmer’s market, but oh well.)

I’m not kidding when I say the cucumber is enormous.  Here it is next to an apple.


The persimmons is this week’s new-for-me item – every week I try to buy something that I’ve never bought before, to expand my horizons (in the past couple weeks I’ve bought cactus pears, pineapple guava, and passion fruit).  My persimmons:

The guys that sold it to me said it’d be ready in a day or two, and then I can cut it up and eat it like an apple.  They also said something about a few seeds, possibly in strange places, but they were both kinda talking at once, and all I was focusing on how rain was dripping on my head from the edge of the tent above me.

And I specifically picked this bell pepper because the strange growth appealed to me.  Have you ever cut open a red pepper and inside the cavity there’s a tiny green bell pepper growing in there?  A pepper in a pepper – always a fun surprise.  Here’s a pepper outside a pepper:

Later in the day, after working from home and taking a little nap-a-roonie on the couch, I realized that I was low in other non-produce types of food.  I needed oatmeal, sparkling water, and some protein sources.  So at 7pm, I headed out to a grocery store I had never been to before, Superior Grocers:

According to their website, they have 34 stores throughout southern California, and yet, this is the only one I’ve ever noticed.  It’s very close to my house, but I don’t have a good reason for never going in.  I drive by it every day on the way to work, and although you can’t really make it out in the photo, there’s a banner under the store name advertising their Anniversary Sale.  Seemed like a good time to check it out.

The store was crowded, a little cramped, and a little dirty, but they had some good prices.  I’ll have to go back when the Anniversary Sale is over and compare, naturally, but, among other things, I picked up 4 plums ($0.17), 2 bananas ($0.28), 1 large cantaloupe ($0.97), and a pineapple ($1.49 – 1 cent cheaper than at Super King!).  They had a small selection, but good prices, on Morningstar frozen fake meat products (I bought phony sausage links for $3.69); Yoplait Lights for $0.69 cents each (I bought 4), and…  eh. That’s enough of that.  I’m even boring myself.

On the flipside, however, I saw moldy grapefruit on display, and the flies that had already found them.  Yuck.  That’s when I pushed my cart right out of the produce section.

I’ll share a couple of the other things I bought later in the week, and OHHH! I nearly forgot! I’m pretty sure this dude was checking me out at Superior Grocers!  I can’t say I was looking my best – I confess I was still wearing my gym clothes, despite have finished the workout over 8 hours prior – but this guy somehow ended up strolling by me in 4 different aisles, and I could see in my periphery the sideways glances and lingering stares.  Too bad he had a skeevy, lecherous vibe and a cart overflowing with junk food, and the whole thing made me feel altogether uncomfortable.

But hey.  I can’t think of the last time that’s happened to me in public…  so…

Keep it up, David!

My Plans Changed. Oh, And I’m Turning Into The Hulk.

October 16, 2010

Earlier today I wasn’t feeling my best, and decided to take the day off from exercising.  That was about 10 hours ago, and my plans ended up changing.

The thing that got the change ball rolling was my work.  I knew I’d have to put in a considerable amount of time working from home this weekend, and sure enough, I ended up putting in about 5 hours since I blogged last.  They ended up being a really productive 5 hours, too – and when I was shutting down my home office for the day (my dining room table), I realized I felt a lot better, too.  My muscle aches had gone away.  In fact, while earlier I was feeling lethargic, now I was downright antsy.

I also was feeling something that was quite familiar, and bear with me, because I’ve never tried to articulate it before – I wasn’t hungry (I had eaten for dinner a big salad with a veggie burger crumbled in it), but I felt like eating.  And it wasn’t just a regular desire to eat, it was kinda like a desire to be naughty.  I wasn’t craving anything in particular, but I just knew that if I didn’t so something, I’d be scrounging my cupboards, or heading to the mini-mart across the street – I have a long history of acting on this eating-to-be-naughty feeling that involves quick trips to a convenience store and coming back with a big bag of Cheetos or a pint of ice cream.  Or both, and one of those packages of mini-donuts, because hey, why not?

A few months ago I realized that a great way to combat this feeling was to exercise.  So, despite planning on not working out today, I went for a jog.  At 9:45pm on a Saturday night.  It was very gently raining – almost like a mist, instead of rain – and pretty much instantly I knew I had made the right decision.  I felt strong and was able to maintain a good pace.  I ended up running for 2.9 miles before stopping, and then a nice .5 mile cool-down walk back home.

Oh, and check this out!  Way back when during my first week of blogging, I posted some photos illustrating the way that my body was changing – namely, I was starting to see bones where I couldn’t see bones before.  Click here to read that post.  Well, I have a new photo to add – I was noticing on Wednesday at the gym that I’m seeing all sorts of things in my neck that I never could see before.  I starting to look like The Hulk:

That area used to be where I stored all my extra chins.

And yes, that’s a tattoo on my shoulder.  I’ve had it since 1999, and yes, Mom and Dad, I still love it.

Keep it up, David!