It’s Almost Over

This week has both flown by and inched along terribly slowly.  On one hand, I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  On the other, it’s only Thursday?!?  Here’s what’s been going on:

My job is still terribly time-consuming.  Today I worked my 18th day in a row without a day off, and I’m exhausted.  I’ve worked until 9pm every day this week except for today, when I was able to leave at 7:15 or so, at which point I did a few errands before stores closed that haven’t been able to do.

Only making matters worse is that this week I’ve been fighting a cold.  I woke up on Monday not feeling the greatest.  I powered through it at the office until about 6pm, and which point I settled into a big comfy chair and dozed off for about 30 minutes.  A co-worker thought I looked cute, because I fell asleep with both hands holding my blackberry in front of my face, as I was reading work emails before nodding off.   I should’ve had her take a photo as a blog visual aid, but funny how you don’t think of those things when you’re asleep.  Anyway, I woke up, felt a little refreshed, worked until 9, and went home and crashed.

Tuesday was much worse.  At the office, people were practically instructing me to go home.  They weren’t telling me to take the day off, mind you, just to work from home so I didn’t get everyone else sick.  And after having a few meetings and taking care of a few important things, I jumped in the car around 1pm and headed home.  There, I worked until 9pm (excluding a 45-minute nap on my couch).

Wednesday was very similar to Tuesday.  People kept telling me I looked like hell, but I powered through, hopped up on DayQuil.  I tried my hardest to leave mid-day and finish my work from home, but one thing led to another and thanks to a series of important scheduled phone calls (that weren’t spaced far enough apart to give me enough time to get home in between them), I didn’t make it home until 9pm.  Guess what I did then?  Crashed.

Today I woke up feeling about 90% better, and over the course of the day improved more.  Leaving at 7:15pm was such a gift tonight, and I’m going to celebrate by going to sleep early.  The 70-hour workweeks AND the cold have taken their toll.  I wrote a post last week about being tired, but that doesn’t compare to this.

I’ll end by explaining this post’s title.  The nice thing about my work situation is that it’s almost over.  It’s a temporary gig, and chances are my last day at this job is tomorrow.  I’m not thrilled about being unemployed, but I’m really looking forward to having free time again!  I’m looking forward to starting my food log again – it had fallen by the wayside thanks to this work schedule – and I’m very excited that I’ll be able to work out regularly again.  I’ve only had the time and energy to work out once in the past 12 days, and that’s gonna change.  As a result, my weight loss has hit a plateau, but that’s about to change too.  I’m looking forward to that most of all.

Keep it up, David!


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