Where’s David’s Lunch Box?

For the first time this week, I left the office before 9pm!  Here’s the clock in my car as I pulled out of the parking lot as proof:

That’s right.  8:52pm!  Which means I got home right around 9pm.  As I was leaving the office, I made the executive decision to forgo the gym for the third day in a row.  My reasoning was this:  if I go to the gym and have a good workout, I won’t get home until around 10-ish, and then I’ll just have enough time to make my lunch and dinner for tomorrow, quickly bust out a blog post, and then head to bed.  Which has basically been my schedule the past two days.  And tonight, I just wanted to relax a little bit, and watch Modern Family (which was hilarious).  Would any of you have gone to the gym?  (I’m asking this legitimately, not as a rhetorical question.)

While I was at the office, I came up with an exciting new blog game!  It’s inspired by everyone’s favorite doctor’s office waiting room magazine from their childhood, Highlights for Kids!  My favorite page in every issue of Highlights was the Hidden Pictures page.  There was a big full-page drawing, and you had to find objects hidden in it.  You can play online by clicking here.  I loved this page so much that one year, for my birthday or Christmas, I asked for the compilation Hidden Pictures books that they advertised in the magazine, and I got them.  I was a happy camper.

Anyway – I have a hunch that this game may take off like wildfire, much in the same way that What’s in the RediSetGo did – and that may be problematic, because unless I get really creative, we might only be playing this once.  We shall see.

Are you ready?  Time to play…  Where’s David’s Lunch Box?

This is my lunch box.  Take a good long look:

There are two disgusting fridges at my office.  You know exactly the type of office fridge I’m talking about – the kind where people bring in entire bottles of condiments and forgot about them and they stay there for years.  The kind where people wedge in their lunch leftovers and never throw them out, even though they start to smell and rot.  In an office like mine, where people cycle in and out because a lot of people are freelance, I’m sure it’s even worse.

Every morning I have to find a spot for my lunch box, and I usually end up squeezing it in one of them and feeling like I just won the hardest game of Tetris ever.  So here’s the game:  Below are pictures of my office fridges.  Where’s David’s Lunch Box?

Did you find it?  Answer below.  Game over.

When I arrived home tonight, I realized I had yet to try the persimmons I bought at the farmers’ market.  It will be part of my breakfast tomorrow, along with a packet of instant oatmeal, and maybe an egg, if I have enough time in the morning to cook one up.

Keep it up, David!

Answer:  It’s in the second photo, on the second shelf from the bottom, on the right hand side.


5 Responses to Where’s David’s Lunch Box?

  1. Mom says:

    OMG the fridges are toooo much!!

  2. Amy says:

    Those have got to be the most disgusting office fridges that I have ever seen.

    No, I would not have gone to the gym.

  3. tj says:

    That is by far the NASTIEST Fridge I have ever seen. Makes me wanna clean it out! Just dump it all in the garbage! YIKES! Glad you were able to find a spot to put your lil lunch box. 🙂 hehe

  4. annie says:

    looks like our fridge at work which im constantly cleaning and getting yelled at by other employees for throwing out their stuff.

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