Happy Monthiversary!

It’s the one month anniversary of Keep It Up, David!  My very first post (and still one of my favorites) went up just after midnight on September 13, 2010.  Oh, how things were different back then…  Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

On September 13, 2010, Rafael Nadal won his 9th Grand Slam title when he beat Novak Djokovic at the U.S. Open.  People across the country were gathering at water coolers everywhere to discuss Lady Gaga’s various outfits from the VMAs the night before, and when they weren’t looking at her meat dress, their eyes were glued on the Atlantic Ocean, where Hurricane Igor was whipping itself up into a Category 5 storm.  I remember it all like it happened a few weeks ago…  which, of course, it did.

In more exciting news (to me, at least), during the 31 days that passed since my very first post, I’ve worked out 25 times and have lost 11 pounds.  I’ve written 49 blog posts (including this one) and have amassed a small but loyal following that is growing a little bit with each passing day.  There are times when I get perplexed that anyone would care a rat’s ass about what I have to say about anything, and yet, you keep coming back.  You leave amazing messages in the comments section.  You post kind things about me on Facebook, or tweet them to your followers.  Those of you that I know say things in person, in emails, over the phone, or over IM that fill me with such pride that it’s like a wave has come and practically swept me from my shoes.

The original idea behind this blog was that I could motivate myself to keep it up if I start keeping better track of my progress, struggles, and successes.  I decided to put it out there in the world-wide-interweb as a way to legitimize the process.  I knew some people close to me would enjoy reading it, and thought it would be a fantastic side effect if I inspired any of them.  But now, with very minimal promotion on my part, I’m gaining readers that I don’t even know – complete strangers! – and they seem to be spreading the word and coming back!  Watching that happen is been such a thrill – nearly as exciting as the roller coasters I wrote about back in that very first post (but not quite).

I’ll end this post with what I hope comes off as a very genuine and heartfelt thank you to all of you, my readers.  I’m elated that I have found a way to inspire you with humor and dignity, and I’m thankful that you keep coming back, and reading what I have to share, because that is a huge inspiration to me.

Okay – I’m done being mushy.  How about I celebrate my monthiversary with a ‘Before’ and ‘Current’ photo comparison?  ‘Before’ was taken 12/31/09, on a hike in Los Angeles when my sister Laura was in town.  ‘Current’ was two weekends ago, and 142 pounds lighter.

Keep it up, David!


3 Responses to Happy Monthiversary!

  1. Tracy says:

    Good Morning David,

    I thought I would answer your unspoken (typed?) question. For those of us on a quest to be stronger and healthier and hopefully shed a few pounds in the process it’s always nice to run across someone of the same mind. It’s a bonus when that person is a blogger and shares their day to day life. It’s like a big old lowfat low calorie lite frozen yogurt with a dollop of creamy hot fudge treat when that person also comes across as witty and genuine as you do!

    I’m looking forward to getting to know you.


    Oh, and by the way, you look FANTASTIC!

  2. annie says:

    wow! I hardly remember the old David.Liked the part about cheap friut. makes me want to check out different stores. Guns? Who knew you liked guns.

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