A High School Photo (!) and a Current Photo

I know it’s long been over, but I’m still thinking about last weekend.  Mainly because I got to spent some time with a really dear friend, Emily, whom I’ve known since 9th grade.  Emily is now a nurse in Phoenix, and an amazing ballroom dancer, and she came to town for her niece’s first birthday.  Charlotte, her adorable niece, is the daughter of Emily’s brother Matthew (and his wife, Darcie) – and I’ve also known Matthew since 9th grade.

Anyway, in addition to being a great friend, Emily asked me to our school’s Sadie Hawkin’s Dance our junior year.  And Emily’s mother, Mary (whom I’ve also known since 9th grade), was kind enough to scan and send some photos of us on the big night.  So without further ado, here’s a ‘Before’ and ‘Current’ photo of Emily and me.

First, the ‘Before’ photo, from February 1996:

Wow.  That’s an ugly tie, David.  And my hair is at a strange length, but don’t you worry… by the time I graduated from high school I had let it grow all the way down to my shoulders.  Maybe I’ll post that photo… eventually.

And here we are from the other night – 14 years later and all grown up:

Emily is one of those friends where if you go for a little while, or even a long time, without talking or seeing each other  (we hadn’t seen each other in around 4 years, we figured out), once you do get to talking, you pick up right where you left off.  There’s a connection, and you can feel it.  At the end of the night when we parted ways, I drove away thinking how lucky I am to have people in my life like Emily.  People that, when they walk into a room, bring with them a flood of good memories and make your day brighter.  And, on top of that, it felt so wonderful knowing that Emily is in a good place in her life, and really happy and healthy, and so am I.

So keep it up, Emily…

…and keep it up, David.

6 Responses to A High School Photo (!) and a Current Photo

  1. Gay says:

    Grandma thinks you make a cute couple – lol

  2. Heather Kaye says:

    That is my favorite post from your blog yet!!! Best.

  3. annie says:

    how fortunate you are to have a friend like that.love the pictures

  4. mary schmitt says:

    so happy you all got together again for this easter weekend ! oh what fun you all had! tell your mom hi too! and heather i remember the fun you all had @wgroves…
    david i love reading your blog!!!
    next time you are in Michigan come on by….miss your beautiful smile !!!

  5. Love it…beautiful people!

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