I Have My Route!

A quick catch-me-up for the hordes of new readers:  A couple days ago I devised my first jogging goal – to jog past all 4 of the strip clubs that are within walking distance of my home, without stopping.  Since then, I’ve played around with Google Maps and figure out my route.  So, without further ado, here it is!

A few notes.   The circle starts and stops at Dot F (which is also Dot A, but the F covers up the A).  It’s not my house – it’s an intersection by a park a few blocks from where I live.  There’s two reasons for this:  1) By starting a few blocks away, I have a build-in warm-up and cool-down walk build into the workout, and 2) I need to show a little caution, in case any of my non-existent readers should suddenly turn into very existent stalkers.

From the starting point, I’m going to head south, alongside the park, before turning east on Victory and hitting destination 1:  V.I.P Showgirls (Dot B).  I’ll continue on Victory to Lankershim, hanging left at the El Pollo Loco, and then I’m en route to hitting the two strip clubs that are closest to each other: Venus Faire (Dot C) and Star Garden (Dot D).  Fun Fact:  Venus Faire is a few doors down from the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, which is important enough to get a label on Google Maps!  Leg up!  Fun Fact #2: For months, I drove along Lankershim noticing either Star Garden or Venus Faire and not really paying close attention, to the point where I thought they were actually both the same club.  Not until I went walking one night (the precursor to my jogging expeditions) and walked by both did I realize that they were actually two separate establishments.  But that’s neither here nor there.  Back to my route:  I’ll turn east on Vanowen, take it to Farmdale, hit the final strip club, Blue Zebra (Dot E), and then head down Hart all the way back to the park.  Ta-da!

The total distance is 3.8 miles.  The most I’ve ever jogged is 3 miles, and I’ve only done that once, so this is definitely an achievable first goal.  My plan, just because I’m still pretty new to jogging, is to go for a few more jogs and build up my endurance before tackling THE jog.  Stay tuned!

Keep it up, David!

One Response to I Have My Route!

  1. Maggie says:

    Good job! Running sucks at first – but it is so nice just to be able to go outside and get some fresh air and get your workout in! I promise, it gets better soon! Keep it up!


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