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David-Stairwell-Aon-CenterI keep motivated by undertaking fitness challenges. I enjoy setting goals and training hard so I can reach them. The feeling of crushing those goals is second-to-none!

This page serves as my official record of completed races and events. Click on event names to read its race recap and see photos. They’re listed from most recent to oldest.


Looking-up-at-StratosphereSeptember 2014: Stair Climb For Los Angeles. My second year racing up the tallest building on the west coast. Last year, I climbed 75 stories/1,664 steps in 20:29. This year, my official time was 18:30!

May 2014: San Diego TOWERthon. The hardest race I’ve ever done. First, a 20-story sprint (Official Time: 3:01.9). Then, a two-hour race to see who can climb a 20-story building the most times… exhausting! I completed 17 climbs.

April 2014: Fight For Air Climb 2014. My 3rd time racing up the 63-story Aon Center in LA. My goal was to set a personal record, and with an Official Time of 15:14, I reached my goal by 10 seconds! BONUS RECAP VIDEO: Click here for an awesome video that brings you along for the climb!

March 2014: San Diego Fight For Air Climb 2014. A stair climb race up 32 stories in the One America Plaza building. I beat my goal by over 90 seconds and crossed the finish line in 5:32 (Official Time!).

March 2014: Scale the Strat 2014. My first out-of-state stair race, up the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas. There are 1,455 steps to the observation deck, and I climbed them in 15:06 (Official Time)! 

David-figueroa-at-wilshire-buildingNovember 2013: CF Climb 2013. A race up the stairwell of the 54-story Figueroa at Wilshire building in Los Angeles. I set a personal record for my pace, and climbed the 1,245 steps in 12:10 (Official Time)!

November 2013: Hike The Halo 2013. A race at Angel Stadium that combined stair climbing and running. The 2-mile course had 2,000+ steps. I finished 3rd in my division (!) with an official time of 30:20.

September 2013: Stair Climb for Los Angeles. A race up the US Bank Tower, the tallest building west of the Mississippi. I made it to the top of the 75-story, 1,664 step skyscraper in 20:29 (Official Time)!

April 2013: Fight For Air Climb 2013. Despite a lack of training and a cold I was fighting, I still raced up the stairs to the top of the 63-story Aon Center in 17:21 (Official Time). 

keep-it-up-david-roof-US-Bank-Tower-Stair-Climb-for-Los-AngelesNovember 2012: weSPARK’s 4th Annual 10K Run. The first event I’ve done twice. I was invited to officially start the race. Then that invitation was revoked (read about it here), but I did help pass out medals during the ceremony afterwards. zthe race itself, through the backlots at Universal Studios, was awesome. Official Time: 1:03:37.

August 2012: Distance Swim Challenge (1.2 Mile Open Water Swim). My first attempt at ocean swimming. I was hoping to complete the Venice Beach race in under 40 minutes, and I clobbered that goal, and didn’t lose any limbs to hungry sharks! Official Time: 36:37.7

IMG_4572May 2012: BolderBOULDER Memorial Day 10K Race. My second 10K. I’ve never run so far in a high altitude before, but I ended up finishing only 2 seconds slower than my personal best! The finish line, inside the crowded football stadium at the University of Colorado, was pretty spectacular. Official Time: 59:08:46.

May 2012: Burj Khalifa StairMaster Challenge. My first self-designed stair challenge. It was to climb the equivalent of the world’s tallest building, the 163-story Burj Khalifa. This event was a fundraiser, bringing in $1,600+ for charity. I made a 3-minute video documenting the climb – watch it on YouTubeOfficial Time: 44:13.

Mar 2012: Fight For Air Climb 2012. My first stair climb, up the stairwell, from sidewalk to roof, of the 63-story Aon Center skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. Official Time: 15:24.

wespark 1 CROPNov 2011: 1st Annual Louisville Turkey Trot 5K. My first 5K, in Louisville, Colorado. I ran it with my sister, Sarah, on Thanksgiving Day. Official Time: 26:57.

Nov 2011: weSPARK’s 3rd Annual 10K Run. My first official 10K! The course was through the backlots at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Read more statistics here and see official race photos here. Official Time: 59:06.5.

Oct 2011: The Six Strip Club Challenge. My first running goal, before ever running in any official races, was of my own design. It was to complete a route in my neighborhood that would take me past all six local strip clubs (classy neighborhood, huh?). I completed the 6.4 mile route in 1 hour, 6 minutes!


I can’t wait to keep adding to this list!


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